Headache is one of the most frequently encountered symptoms . It’s cause is complicated and difficult to be differentiated. The brain itself is insensitive but some intra- cranial structures have receptors for pain. All the extra cranial tissues are pain sensitive.

Causes  Of Headache  

1.  Psychogenic-most common cause of headache is emotional upset .Sight of an unwanted or disliked person or scene may also cause headache . It is usually a sense of pressure at the vertex or a tight band round the head.

2. Vascular-Dilatation of intracranial vessels causes headache in systemic infections after epilepsy attack , after trauma, at high attitude, hunger &  anaemia. Sudden rise in blood pressure also causes vascular headache . Vascular headache is typically throbbing type. Headache of migraine and chronic hypertension is due to dilatation of extra cranial arteries. 

3. Referred-Eye diseases like glaucoma, myopia and otitis, eyestrain, rhinitis, sinusitis, dental or aural pain angina pectoris may cause reffered pain to head region.

4.  Inflamation – meningeal irritaition causes generalised headache. It is aggrevated on straining, coughing or movement.

5.  Muscle spasm – emotional tension, cervical spondylosis etc., may cause this type of headache.

6.  Tension on intracranial structures, cerebral tumor may causes headache.

7.  Functional disease like hysteria neurasthania etc., also causes headache.

8.  Malingering – Persons who want to avoid work, children who don’t want to go to school or want to attract extra attention of parents may pretend headache.

We have observed that mental tension cases frontal headache; hyperacidity and anger cause temporal headache whereas refractory errors of eye cause occipital headache.


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