It is defined as the wife being sterile because of the husband’s sexual disorders after they have lived together for over 2 years with a normal sexual life and without contraceptive measures.

Male genital function is closely related to the kidney Qi. Abundant kidney Qi, developed sexual function and ejaculated semen are substance conditions for fertility. Chong and Ren vessels are closely related to genital function.


Lack of power or erection in males is referred to as impotence.


The inability of penis to erect is due to the injury to the internal organs which is mainly caused b y exhaustion of kidney essence from over indulgence in sexual activity & excess masturbation in adolescence or by fright leading to dysfunction of kidney. Greasy food & excess wine may damage the function of spleen & stomach in transformation causing dampness to turn into heat. The damp heat descends down to make the penis unable to erect.

Our experience

Most of the cases of impotence except a very few are psychological. A word reassurance helps a lot. Rather it is the main part of treatment in such cases. Tense or fearful atmosphere in the family may also cause impotence. Diabetes mellitus is also a common cause of real impotence in that case the root cause of diabetes should also be simultaneously treated.

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