As a general rule we always rule out any deficiency on the part of male partner (as oligospermia) before examining the female partner. Primary infertility may be due to intact hymen, abnormality of vagina, cervix or uterus, ovaries, blocked fallopian tubes, salpingitis, hormonal imbalances or anovulatory cycle. Secondary infertility may be due to uterine infection, general ill health, diabetes, myxoedema, tuberculosis etc. Fertility is considered to be diminished after the age of 35. Tubal patency may be assessed by hysterosalpingography and if present may be surgically corrected.


Uterine abnormality

The normal position of the uterus is that of anteversion & anteflexion. Some times there may be increase in anteflexion, retroversion or prolapsed of uterus. Such case should be referred to gynaecologist. Functional symptoms like menorrhagia or spasmodic dysmenorrhoea may not respond to surgery but respond excellently to acupuncture. Acupuncture can strengthen the muscular and ligamentous attachments. 

Acupuncture may give good results in grade I and II uterine prolapsed whereas for grade III prolapse in which the vagina turns inside out and the whole of uterus protrudes from the vulva, surgery may be necessary. 

Insufficiency of qi in the middle warmer, caused by weak constitution, early physical labour after delivery before qi and blood are fully restored, exhaustion in delivery, overstrain to counter constipation, all of which cause sinking of Qi which fails to keep uterus in position. 

Frequent pregnancy & delivery, excess sex indulgent over consuming the kidney Qi etc., weaken Dai,Chong & Ren meridians causing uterine prolapsed. Prolapsed due to Qi deficiency is manifested by drooping of uterus in the vagina or vulva, sinking sensation in lower abdomen, lassitude, frequent micturition, pale tongue and weak pulse.

And also treatment according to

Stagnant blood in lower jiao

Emotional upsets may cause retardation of liver Qi.

Coldness in uterus or lower abdomen

Obesity and imbalance circulation of fluids

& General debility.

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