Migraine is throbbing headache associated with nausea and in some cases a visual aura. Positive family history is found in majority cases, It is also called as ascular hemicrania. The paroxysmal function of contraction and relaxation of cerebral blood vessels.


The stagnation of liver qi with the invasion of stomach, the transference of stagnated qi to fire and the production of wind from exuberance of fire, the perversive upward invasion of wind and fire and the spasm of vessels and muscles.

Clinical features

Sudden attack of headache which is throbbing and severe, left or right may refer to eye or tooth, sparkling of eyes before the attack, frequently associated with nausea and vomiting and paroxysmal sweat. After the arrest of pain patient is absolutely normal. Pulse is rapid. Sour food, mental tension and anger are aggravating factors.

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