Urinary tract infection


Infection of urethra, urinary bladder, ureter or renal pelvis is called urinary tract infection. There may be presence of significantly large number of micro-organisms in any portion of the urinary tract E.Coli being the commonest micro-organism causing the infection. Some cases are asymptomatic.


According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, pathogenic damp and heat in the lower jiao results in water metabolic disturbance in the kidney and urinary bladder leading to abnormal urination. When dampness impairs yang and the heat consumes the body fluids the condition may become severe. It is damp heat type.


Acute stage

Clinical features are fever with chills, lumbago, frequency of micturition with burning pain, red tongue with sticky white coating, rapid pulse.

Chronic stage

The main reason is insufficiency of kidney yin. Clinical features are lassitude, lumbar pain, frequency of micturition, slight oedema on face, thin yellow coating, thin taut pulse.

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