A sensation of rotation or movement of one's self or of one's surroundings in any plane; sometimes used erroneously to mean any form of dizziness

Our experience

Most of the cases come to us with the chief complaint of vertigo where as tinnitus and partial deafness are discovered, on examination and interrogation. This is syndrome is nothing but meniere’s disease.  This disease has been named by Dr.Meniere, a French physician in 1861. Meniere’s, comes in attacks. During attack the patient prefers lying down with closed eyes. It is interesting to note that the partial deafness is maximum during the attack but the hearing improves considerably between two attacks. These characteristics help to reach the diagnosis of Meniere’s disease.

Partial deafness, tinnitus and vertigo sometimes accompanied by vomiting are the manifestations. The author has observed that most of these cases come with the main complaint of vertigo rather than deafness.

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